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Without a close look, you might reach the conclusion that all wealth management firms are sort of similar. That would be a mistake. We've invested a huge amount of thought and energy into structuring our firm to be unique - and better. Here's how: 

Where exactly do you want to go?

When I ask that simple question, it kicks off an invigorating process of digging and dreaming and definition. The result becomes your custom financial plan that creates your long-term financial strategy. It provides the structure for every financial decision you make. 

The comprehensive plan we create together encompasses a lot. It anticipates and answers questions like:

- If I live to be 100, will I have enough money?
- If the market tanks, will I still be able to reach my goals?
- How do I keep taxes from taking a bite out of my assets?
- How can I transfer my wealth to the next generation?

I'm David Dedman, let's get started on your future today!

Founder, David Dedman ChFC, AIF®, AAMS, AWMA

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