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Welcome! I'm David, founder of Lexington Wealth Management. I'm a Chartered Financial Consultant® and Retirement Planning Specialist with more than 25 years of experience helping overwhelmed investors get the clarity and confidence they need to achieve their financial goals and succeed at life.

I help my clients discover and establish goals they want to accomplish now and throughout the rest of their lives. Although my clients come from all walks of life, I am especially passionate about working with retirees, engineering professionals, business owners and veterans.

Whether you think of retirement as a time of relaxation, exploring the world or starting a new hobby or passion, you need to know where you stand today and the steps required to make your retirement a reality.

I also help my clients plan for all the new challenges that can threaten their retirement such as healthcare costs, longevity, market corrections, social security, medicare and taxes.

Through comprehensive strategic planning, smart investing, and a sensible fee structure, I partner with my clients to help them gain more clarity, confidence, and peace of mind with their wealth.

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