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Our Difference

Without a close look, you might reach the conclusion that all wealth management firms are sort of similar. That would be a mistake. We've invested a huge amount of thought and energy into structuring our firm to be unique - and better. Here's how: 

Proudly Independent 
Large brokerage firms too often have an agenda that can conflict with yours. That's why we're committed to independence. We do serve our clients with a robust platform of world-class investments and technology, just like the big Wall Street firms do. But unlike them, we provide completely unbiased advice - and we answer to our clients alone.

Planning Based
We're serious about your success. That's why comprehensive financial planning is central to our approach. We apply a wealth of knowledge in helping you protect, grow and translate your assets into a lifetime of security and fulfillment.

A Higher Standard
Most advisors operate under an ethical standard, or the suitability rule, that we believe leaves far too much room for conflicts of interest. Lexington Wealth Management has deliberately chosen the fiduciary standard - which requires the highest level of client care. As fiduciaries, we are legally bound to place your interest ahead of ours at all times. 

Open and Transparent
Transparency is the core of everything we do, from investment selection, financial planning and client service. In addition, we want our clients to fully understand the fees they are paying so they can decide whether the result exceed our compensation.