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David Dedman, ChFC, AIF®, AAMS, AWMA

David Dedman, ChFC, AIF®, AAMS, AWMA

President & Founder

Welcome! I'm David Dedman.

I'm part financial advisor, part entrepreneur, part writer, part financial planner, part behavioral finance expert, and part life coach all rolled into one!

My mission is to help overwhelmed investors get the clarity, confidence, and education they need to achieve their financial goals and succeed at life. This process is called wealth management.

Wealth management is the blending of financial planning and investment management. It encompasses all parts of a person’s personal and financial life.

I began my wealth management career in 1993 and spent ten years with the big brokerage firms. In 2002, I left the large brokerage firms. I believed that financial services had become too caught up in transactional sales and short-term thinking. I saw the shocking contrast between the “Wall Street-style” thinking of this industry and the very “Main-Street-style” successes of my best clients.

My clients weren’t doing well because they’d picked some perfect stock or gambled at just the right moment and won. My clients began moving toward retirement and successfully depending on their savings and investments for their financial independence.

The clients I serve are retired or retiring within 10 years, small business owners, and professionals. Many are experiencing a life event like retirement, a job transition, or an inheritance.

I'm also the author of The Diligent Advisor Blog ( I also write for the Huffington Post.

When I'm not working, I'm writing, reading, watching movies, playing with my two Labrador Retrievers, or spending time with my family. I’m an artist, science fiction fan, bourbon enthusiast, and a huge University of Kentucky Wildcat fan!