Financial advice for medical sales reps.

I help successful medical sales professionals plan, invest, and reduce taxes on their path to financial freedom.

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Below are some success stories to help you better understand the role we play, and the advice we give to medical sales professionals.

I’m making more money now, how do i get started?
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Paul and Jennifer
How do we control spending, reduce taxes and save more?
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Do I have enough money to retire early?
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How we're different

You are at the center of everything we do - always coaching you towards your real life goals.
We focus on relationships, solutions, and outcomes; not transactions, individual products, and complex benchmarks. 
We give you objective advice. Simply put, we act in your best interest at all times. 
Our entire approach is built around the needs, concerns, and desires of the medical sales community. 

Medical sales reps have challenges.

Here's how we address them:


Whether you’re immersed in meetings or in the car, we’ve got the tech solutions to ease your time constraints. Our tech is designed to be your time-saving ally, offering features like online meetings, seamless digital account opening, and mobile apps for tracking your investments and financial plan.


As a thriving medical sales rep, your achievements translate into higher income. That income also comes with an increased tax burden. We will analyze your tax situation and provide you with specific strategies to reduce your income, investment, estate, and equity comp taxes.


We have developed a suite of meticulously crafted strategies tailored for medical sales reps. These tactics address the unique demands of your finances, like your 401k, equity compensation, taxes, and investments. We guide you through every aspect of managing your finances with these tactics.

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