Financial advice for medical sales reps.

Lexington Wealth Management is a commission-free, fiduciary advisor, focused exclusively on medical sales reps.

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Below, are some of the most important questions we have been asked over the years to help you better understand the role we play and the advice we give to medical sales professionals.

I’m making more money now, how do i get started?
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How do we control spending, reduce taxes and save more?
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Do I have enough money to retire early?
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How we're different

You are at the center of everything we do - always coaching you towards your real life goals.
We focus on relationships, solutions, and outcomes; not transactions, individual products, and complex benchmarks. 
We give you objective advice. Simply put, we act in your best interest at all times. 
Our entire approach is built around the needs, concerns, and desires of the medical sales community. 
I'm David, founder of Lexington Wealth Management. I help medical device and pharmaceutical sales professionals who have worked hard and sacrificed for themselves and their families. I've developed specific planning and investment strategies just for medical sales professionals.
Now let me help you maximize your hard earned wealth for what you love most!
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5 Tax Mistakes Medical Sales Reps Make (and How to Avoid Them)
Get access to a few actionable strategies including:
• Avoid the big retirement mistake
• Mistakes with company stock and stock grants
• Misunderstanding business deductions and more!
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