Get yourself a free financial assessment.

Meet with an advisor to discuss your results or get a video sent straight to your inbox.
The choice is up to you.

So how does this work?

When you request a financial assessment, we give you an assessment of the most important
areas of your life. We also answer any question that is specific to you, such as
"can I afford this house" or "should I pay off debt or invest".

Personalize Your Financial Assessment

First, you decide how you would like to receive your free assessment: either by a recorded video sent to you or by a virtual meeting.​ Then, I'll ask what specific questions you want answered. After that, you just input some basic information, and your work is done.

Advisor Reviews Your Questions & Info

Once I've received notice that you've submitted your assessment, I will review the information you provided.​​ I'll use this information to supply you with an assessment of your current financial position as well as answers to your specific questions.

Receive Your Assessment Results

Once the information has been received and reviewed, I will deliver the assessment catering to your preferences.​ If you chose to receive a video, you can expect an assessment within a few business days. If you chose a meeting, you'll receive your assessment in that meeting.

How would you like to receive
your assessment?

Typically, the one-on-one meetings are more specific because you can ask your advisor follow-up questions.
However, if you're not able to schedule a meeting, a recorded video is an amazing option.
Recorded VideoOne-on-One Meeting